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Our History

The 1970s - The Vision In the early 1970’s, it became apparent to religious leaders that people requesting emergency assistance presented a challenge which churches, acting separately, were unable to meet. Congregations and their staffs were increasingly incapable of responding effectively to the volume of legitimate requests for aid. Other agencies, both public and private, administered funds that were restricted by inflexible eligibility criteria. People in crisis were faced with the overwhelming and discouraging task of determining where to turn for help.
1973-1977 - The Early Years So it was that Crisis Control Ministry was organized by the religious community in 1973 to establish a comprehensive system of response to the emergency needs of persons in Forsyth County. The ministry opened April 4, 1973, at 930 Patterson Avenue to coordinate the financial and volunteer resources of the churches with the expertise and services of Forsyth County’s social service agencies. Reverend Ronald E. Rice, Sr. was the first Executive Director.
1973-1974 Reverend C. King Cole, Board Chair
1974-1975 Mr. Arch H. Scales, Board Chair
1975-1977 Reverend J. Simson Hawkins, Board Chair
1977 - Satellite Office, Kernersville The ministry opened a satellite office in Kernersville in October 1977 to serve people in the eastern part of the county. Over 75 volunteers are needed each day to do the work of the ministry. The work of Crisis Control Ministry has been possible because of a strong commitment on the part of the community to those in crisis.
1977-1996 - Ginny Britt, Executive Director Ginny N. Britt was a member of the original task force that established Crisis Control Ministry and served as vice president of the board of directors. In 1977, Ginny Britt assumed the position of Executive Director. She served in that position from 1977 to 1996. During that time, Crisis Control Ministry grew dramatically and saw many changes including the expansion of service to a satellite location in Kernersville. Britt also led a substantial capital campaign in 1985 to build the new building were Crisis Control Ministry is now located. Realizing that prescription medication is another cause of crises, Britt also worked to establish Crisis Control Ministry as North Carolina's first free licensed pharmacy.
1977-1978 Mr. Mike Mooty, Board Chair
1978-1979 Mr. C. I. Sawyer, Board Chair
1979-1980 Mrs. Becky Minnix, Board Chair
1980-1982 Reverend Michael B. Curry, Board Chair
1981 - Samaritan Soup Kitchen In February of 1981, Samaritan Soup Kitchen opened its doors. It was sponsored by Crisis Control Ministry.

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