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Who We Are

Our Mission

The mission of Crisis Control Ministry is to assist people in crisis to meet essential life needs and to become self-sufficient.

We believe that food, shelter, and medicine are basic human needs and that we strive to meet the needs of people in Forsyth and Stokes Counties who are in crisis and dealing with unfortunate circumstances. We strive to give help for today and hope for tomorrow by providing our neighbors with support, advocacy, understanding, and information. 

Our Unifying Principles

Love: Seek the highest good for those who seek our help and for those who provide it. Love is the energy that creates human connection and perfectly balanced truth equity, and grace.

Stewardship: Demonstrate total competency and integrity in the wise use of the resources entrusted to us.

Listening: Be open, receptive, and curious. Listen to understand. Be a safe place for people to be heard.

Grace: Understand the sacred nature of our work. Demonstrate a spirit of compassion and reverence toward those who seek our help.

Truth: Be well informed in the truth and realities of poverty, the facts, best research and best practices. Speak truth to clients in ways it can be received and applied. Clarify expectations. Keep promises.

Collaboration: Be a participant in an ongoing collaboration between community resources who share a commitment to “Person-Centered Relationships” and seek ways to function together seamlessly around individual client needs.

Transformation: Intentionally adapt to social and environmental changes to better serve our community.

Better Lives: Seek to improve the lives of all people with whom we work and serve. 

Our Impact Fiscal Year 2022

  • Number of People Served


  • Number of Volunteers


  • Value of Services Provided


  • Pounds of Food Distributed


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