Share the Warmth

With our community's support, each year, CCM assists thousands of Forsyth & Stokes County residents with utility and housing bills.

Your generosity allows us to continue to Share the Warmth. 

For many, the end of the pandemic has not brought the relief we expected but rather more stress and worry. Housing costs are rising, the cost of food is increasing, and paychecks aren’t stretching as far as they did before. Our neighbors on fixed incomes are feeling the pressure more so than most – neighbors like Betty, who is retired and raising two of her grandchildren on her social security benefits. She receives no food stamps or child support, but their little family makes do under normal circumstances. However, when Betty required knee replacement surgery, she didn’t have enough income to cover her co-payment, her medications, and her electric bill.

How would you budget when there isn't enough money to cover the necessities for the month? Have you ever had to choose between paying for medical expenses and a utility bill or rent? Did you know that for some individuals who receive assistance, there are restrictions on making additional income?  

The electric bill fell further behind when the kids returned to school. Betty's grandchildren were growing so fast that hardly any of their school clothes from the previous year fit them, so there were new clothes to buy. Then, there were the classroom supply lists to purchase. Her monthly checks could only stretch so far.

With the cooler nighttime temperatures recently, the heat kicked on for the first time one evening. It was then that Betty knew she had to do something. She came to us with her disconnection notice, asking for help.

Because of the kindness of neighbors like you, Crisis Control was able to pay her past-due utility bill and keep the heat on for her and her grandchildren in preparation for the cold weather moving in.

The “Share the Warmth” campaign allows Crisis Control Ministry to assist our neighbors who are unable to pay their utility or housing bills, making it possible for them to stay comfortable and warm in their homes, together with their families. 

Thanks to generous donors, your gift can have double the impact. Donations designated to Share the Warmth will be matched up to $50,000. Yes, you read that correctly, $50,000!

Please help even more families during the cold winter months ahead.

Ensure that Betty, her grandchildren, and other neighbors experiencing a crisis this Winter can stay in their warm homes. Make a financial gift today!

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